The details of distance


Sometimes there are details we fail to appreciate because we have become used to them and take them for granted. Today, while I was watching the tractor that was bringing the splendid Nebbiolo grapes home, I realized that 90% of my grapes are located no more than 800 meters from the place where they are pressed. This means that I can press the grapes immediately after they have been plucked from the plant, in such a way that preserves the freshness of the fruit. Thus we avoid the overheating of the mass, which can cause irritating secondary fermentations. Furthermore, we also enjoy a notable economic savings due to less need for tractors and labour.

In this period one often encounters trucks laden with grapes on the roads of Langa, which take hours to reach their destinations, perhaps under the warm September sun. Thanks to a property comprising thirty five undivided hectares, I am able to better control the phases of work in the vineyards and above all limit the hassles of problematic neighbours at the confines. In the Langhe, and especially in the Barolo zone, properties are extremely fractioned and often one finds businesses with eight or nine hectares spaced ten to fifteen kilometres from one another. The distance of the vineyards from the body of the business is a detail that I am at pains to appreciate every day, but today it gave rise to a reflection. Inevitably it came to mind to give thanks to those who preceded me, and who once again have unwittingly given me an advantage.