The symbol of 150 years of Italian unity? Simple: it’s WINE

I enjoyed the months leading up to the celebration of the anniversary of 150 years of Italian unity. Newspapers and television programs recalled our patriotic history and countless great Italians: we have been distinguished in all areas, at the global level.

It was a joy to walk through the streets of Italian cities and see our flag flown from the balconies; it fills me with pride to think of Italy’s unique place in the world. When I travel to promote my wine, I am aware of how we are always seen in a good light and accepted by foreigners, all are ready to give us a smile or share a joke. The concept of Italy elicits a feeling that draws the people of other nations to us.

In these festive days, everyone is searching for a symbol for our country that can make everyone happy: Ferrari, Garibaldi, Cavour, football, pizza, the mandolin, Pavarotti … and people just keep adding to the list. I have one to propose, and it is quite simple: WINE. In our peninsula, with its silly shape, we have more than 300 varieties of wine grapes, passed down to us thanks to the wise work of the ancient Etruscans. Italy is without a doubt the land that, over thousands of years, has best lent itself to the cultivation of vines, and currently our production is distinguished all over the world for its quality. Wine has moreover been a part of our culture for centuries, accompanying all of the moments of our lives since time immemorial.

I will not make polemical statements about the negative aspects and relatively significant problems with Italy, because this is our holiday, our time to remember that despite our powerful regional differences, we are culturally and proudly Italian.

So let’s make a toast, with Barolo, Brunello, Amarone, Prosecco, Primitivo, Nero d’Avola … whichever you like; it’s enough for it to be Italian wine, a style that sets itself apart.