Nascetta grapes

The harvest officially began on 31 August and it will be fast one: during the preceding week, the precocious grape varieties suffered a lack of water that caused them to ripen passively.  The analytic picture is very strange, with very high alcohol gradations and acidity. The 2011 harvest mirrors the see-saw character of the summer weather, swinging between cool periods, cold stretches and scorching weeks. The grapes need to be gathered very quickly in order to avoid low yields and uncontrolled alcohol gradations. We began with the Barbera, Dolcetto and Nascetta, whereas for the Nebbiolo, we are praying for some rain and colder weather for. There is comforting data to be found in the form of polyphenolic and anthocyanin richness. The airy and cool position of the Lirano hill will certainly help us to obtain fruit that is balanced and excellent. Good luck to all of the Langa producers and happy harvesting!

Picking Barbera Zio Nando grapes