Italia, la terra del vino

Vi propongo una e.mail  semplice e diretta di un giornalista cinese e la risposta che condivido di Fabio Grasselli, venditore di vino e appassionato di storia e di etimologia:

Why Italian wine is not so popular as French wine in Asia?In my opinion, it is because that the unique grapes of your country, like nebbiolo etc.,are not so well known as Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir.So I think,let the drinkers in Asia know the special and grate grapes form Italy will help your company. Encouraging the new world country to try to plant Italy grapes and use them to make wines will also help,as you know,they usually have grate yield and you can see their product everywhere,which can objectively let the consumer know your grape quickly.
Let us keep in touch and hope to meet you soon~

Snow Huang(editor)

Dear Snow
Your English is very good, there isn’t any mistake in your email, 厉害!

There is only one reason why France is more famous than Italy in Asia: PROMOTION, ADVERTISING.
French government helps the wineries and the groups to promote their products around Asia in a massive way.
Italian government doesn’t move a step, we have to do everything by ourselves.
Anyway history is by our side.

Do you know why we have so many grape families (around 200) ? Because we have 4000 years of tradition.
Etruscan people called Italy “the land of wine”, even for the weather, even for the terroir. They were selling wine all around the Mediterranean sea and not only since the first millenium before BC. Their wine was known as the best in the world.
They were able technicians and they could domesticate the savage grapes, this is why we have so many different wines today. During Roman Empire wine was also very important and it has been brought all over Europe.
In the medieval time the wine consumption in Italy was only local: every city produced wine for the inner consumption. It is even better to say that every town produced for self-consumption, and many families theirselves produced for inner consumption. This is why we do not have the barrique tradition: barrique was born for transportation, it is easy to transport. In Italy we never had barrique, we had big barrels for refinement and conservation. In France they sold wine because many places just couldn’t fit the growth of good grapes and so they couldn’t have good wine: wine was transported from South France to the Northern Regions. In Italy every little town always had the local grapes and local wines. Only big cities like Rome and Milan bought wines from the near cities.
In Italy competition among producers is very strong: this is good for one side and bad for another: bad because producers are not able to join into groups and to promote together (they cannot because everyone believes his own product to be the best and do not want to mix it wit other producers); good because strong competition generate the best quality/price ratio. This incredible quality/price ratio is the strenght of Italy, this is what we promote in Asia and it cannot be promoted without colture, without the knowledge of wine.

I think you already know that Italy is the land of wine, I hope you will be a channel spreading around your Country this message made of history, culture, taste and pleasure.


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