Topping the Vines

First days of July, scorching heat, and I don’t envy Dragi, our tractor driver, who is in the vineyards topping the vines. The topping of the vines is a process in which the vines are cut back on the tops and sides, in order to control the vigor of the plant. Cutting the upper ends of the vines, the plant tends to “push” the nutrient substances down, regularizing and speeding maturation. This operation is carried out two or three times over the course of a month and a half. The pruner is usually mounted on a caterpillar tractor and is composed of double rotating blades that operate via a hydraulic system. This operation requires great attentiveness on the part of the tractor driver, especially when the terrain features significant inclines, as is very common in the hills of Langa. In the final segment of the video you can see the current state of maturation of the Barbera grapes, which is proceeding smoothly. In a few weeks I will make you participants in the selection of the bunches of grapes, a crucial moment in producing wine of quality. Don’t miss out!