Grandpa Ercole "Ercolino"

Generous and intuitive, with a great nose for wine; a businessman through and through, but honest. Even today, when I’m in the countryside, I run into men who tell me anecdotes about my grandfather. He was respected because he paid fairly and at times even more than fair. He knew wine and our cellar in central Alba was the point of reference for country people of Langa and Roero who had wine problems. He always had the right wine to “fix them”. He was the wine consultant of the epoch. He had a driver’s license but didn’t drive, saying that he couldn’t because he needed to think. Master of buying and selling, he transformed our business with the acquisition of the Tenuta Loirano, where we have our land today. He loved women, and married at 40, which at the time was very late.
He helped the surveyor Gaja, town leader during the war. When he had to leave the city during the German withdrawal; grandpa Ercole took care of his wine cellar between 1944 and 1945. He was esteemed by Pio Cesare and was a great friend of Morra, the Truffle King. He once played the role of cobbler, fixing the shoe of a German captain who was threatening to take his son, my father. A good citizen of the Asti region, he was a lover of the Barbera grape, according to him the best wine in the world.
He died from a debilitating ictus, the consequences of which he was unable to accept because it embarrassed him; this accelerated his death.
But Ercolino is always with us, our Dolcetto bears his name: the name of the vineyard that he planted during the war.