At the airport in Rome, I am eating a chocolate, the planes are taking off and landing, and I am chewing with a gusto that is perhaps a little exaggerated. I become aware that I am not thinking and immediately I begin to think. I think about my new role as a wine blogger, which I enjoy very much. I don’t know if anyone will ever follow my blog, but I certainly have fun producing it. I understand that my end clients will construct an image of me, of who I am and what I do, and that they are the ones who will decide to buy and appreciate my wine…or not. The extraordinary means of communication that is the internet wants to momentarily forget who is out in the vineyards and who is drinking the wine. All too often in the past few years celebrities have been born simply because someone raved about certain things while ignoring others. If well-done, a blog is transparent, it puts your ways of being and behaviors on display — both for better and for worse. And so it will be the navigator who forms an opinion and not the writer who conceals it. Once there was the importer, the distributer, the restaurateur, the wine shop, and the end client. Now there is the producer and the consumer. In between are the details: the checking, the knowing, the carefully and attentively choosing. All of these are important, but most important of all are the producers and the end clients. In the last few years this normal and natural scale has been confused.