September, the most important month of all

As is almost always the case, September will be the crucial month, establishing whether or not it will be a good year. From this point on, things begin to get serious, and every unexpected change in weather, rainy, sunny, hot, or cold, will make a difference, whether positive or negative. Unfortunately August was exceptionally rainy and not very hot, and this has provoked a late maturation. But even worse it triggered a series of fungal attacks that began manifesting themselves in the last few days. By now all of the grapes have matured and sugar synthesis is increasing with every passing day.

Making my usual “tour” of the vineyards, I discovered that unfortunately the Barbera vines planted in the spring have suffered a very bad fungal attack. This is understandable because younger vines are usually relatively delicate and weak. We can see the classic “oil stains” on the leaves that are characteristic of the blight. We will have to intervene immediately with special treatment.

I am optimistic, however, for September. The forecast for next week is good: sunny skies and cool temperatures. In the meantime, the grass has once again begun to grow, and we must cut it immediately to eliminate this dangerous source of humidity. It seems to me that, this year more than ever before, choices and details will be of the utmost importance to the quality of the harvest. One thing is for certain: I don’t want any rain for at least two months!

bunch of Nascetta grapes