A Visit to the Barolo Museum of Wine

On Sunday September 12th, I was in Barolo for the occasion of the opening of the new Museum of Wine, located inside the Castle of Barolo. Informative, suggestive, and original, the museum is the brainchild of Francois Confino, who was also behind the conception of the Museum of Cinema in Turin.

The room that I liked best is the one focused on hands, who are the protagonists of a group of suggestive photos taken of agricultural workers while working in the vineyards. The idea is that the land that produces the grapes is founded on the manual wisdom of man.

I also admired the miniature theaters set up in the historical/information section. Sweet little rooms dedicated to the story of wine, starting with ancient Mesopotamia and ending in our own day.

Of further special interest were the original furnishings of the room of Marchesa Juliette Colbert and that of the writer and member of the Carboneria, Silvio Pellico.

Photo taken on the terrace of Barolo Castle

Highly original was the idea to project films of historical reenactments of the time of the Italian risorgimento, inside picture frames, bringing the foods of the era to life on virtual plates.

The last stage of the visit, which took place at the regional wine bar of the castle of Barolo, provided the opportunity to taste and purchase the best Barolo wines of the Langa region.

This post is rich in photos that can communicate better than my words, and they can’t compare to the experiences you will have while taking the guided tour. Our Langhe are in need of a suggestive and informative attraction such as this, and so I agree with the museum’s slogan, which says “that which wasn’t before is now”.