Barbera d'Alba Zio Nando 2007: Galliard Energy!

I like the poetic phrase that Roberto Giuliani of Lavinium coined for the Barbera d’Alba Zio Nando 2007: energetic and galliardesque. I am happy that he appreciated not only the wines but also his visit to our winery during Nebbiolo Prima 2010.

This is his connoisseurial assessment of the Barbera d’Alba Zio Nando 2007:

Presents a ruby color of optimal compactness, a nose that immediately releases the composite fruit, with a prevalence of cherry, sour cherry, and blackberry, the wood appears to be already well integrated and one appreciates the smoky spices and aromatic herbs, with a tobacco, carob, and mon chéri closure. The palate finds an optimal equilibrium despite the potency of the alcohol and a rather full body, the acidity of the Barbera grape is robust and provides pleasingly ample and prolonged sensations, the tannin is mellow while the finish is richly fruity with a hint of pepper keeping one alert and suggests pairing with flavorful, well-sauced meats.