Watch out for hornets!

During my tasting in London, I received a call from home that left me momentarily preoccupied: My father was stung by a hornet, on the chest and on the face. The trouble is that my father is unfortunately allergic to hornet stings and a few years ago risked anaphylactic shock. In late summer, in fact, one can see many of these annoying and dangerous insects, which are attracted by the sugar of the grapes. Hornets nourish themselves with pretty much anything, wasps, bees, grapes, bits of wood or grass, and they are real pests. They are easily recognizable in that they are three times the size of a wasp, and also by their drone, which is dull and powerful with respect to the more gentle and acute buzz of the bees. Obviously they do not intentionally attack humans, but they become aggressive if they are disturbed. My father, unfortunately, inadvertently touched their nest and this unleashed their fury. We had to call the fire brigade, which wisely removed and burned the hive. Fortunately my dad Sergio is feeling better, thanks in part to the anti-allergy medicine he has been taking for three years.