The second Nebbiolo harvest has begun

This week things got serious, and we are finally harvesting the Nebbiolo grapes. After the first harvest of just the tips, we are proceeding with the second harvest which in my view is technically more challenging, since one must take into consideration late thinning out. The second harvest consists in the gathering of the grapes furthest from the grapevine trunk or of greater size, leaving behind four central bunches with grapes of medium-small size. The grapes that remain on the plant will be gathered in ten to fifteen days, depending on climatic conditions, and will be the most fine and complex Nebbiolo grapes of the entire production, becoming in all probability Barolo. Obviously the expense of the method of triple harvesting is very high, since the selection must clearly be made by hand. I want to personally oversee the grape harvesters, and in fact yesterday I was not happy with the way the grapes were being gathered and I got angry. It is necessary to keep in mind that every plant is different and that the decision of which bunches to gather changes from one vine to the next. It is never a mathematical operation and every single vine must be interpreted individually. It would make me very unhappy if, for senseless inattention, we were to end up compromising the quality that we have been working towards since the beginning of the year, and so, PAY ATTENTION!