Langhe Nascetta 2010, finally!

We are getting serious this year: the Nascetta from this grape harvest will finally be Langhe Nascetta doc. We are authorized on the wine registries to produce wine from this variety that is no longer listed simply as a Langhe bianco, but that can now bear the name of the grape on the bottle label.

In this year’s wine production, we will dare a bit more, trying to draw forth the soul of this interesting but mysterious native Langa grape variety. As you can see in the video, we are trying to maintain a very low treading temperature, using dry ice and thermo-conditioned basins. This year, we have decided to try something different and macerate the skin with the must for around six hours in order to extract the primary aromas of this grape, which is considered to be semi-aromatic. I am convinced that the 2010 vintage will show us whether the Nascetta has the credentials to become a great white wine recognized on the international level. Our winery will set itself to demonstrate this, although the road will surely be long and complicated. But I am certain that the more labels of quality Langhe Nascetta that there are on the market, the greater the interest of the public will be. I am further convinced that if there are more Nascetta wines, the quality will increase, insofar as we will have more experience of experimentation to share and compare.