Calculated Risk

We are approaching the end of the grape harvest, we can see the finish line but it’s not yet time to cut the tape. There are two more Nebbiolo vineyards to harvest and I think that we will gather these grapes in four to five days. The reason is simple: the climate preferred by Nebbiolo grapes has just arrived. The nights are cool, around 7 °C, the mornings are misty and the days sunny and warm. Why should we harvest the grapes? It is this that the Nebbiolo loves: the polyphenol and tannin develop and become refined. Certainly we run the risk that a series of rains could compromise quality, but following the system of the triple grape harvest in stages, we are indulging nature for the long and slow maturation of the Nebbiolo. The bunches that remain on the vines, between four and five per plant, are cut at the tips, and the leaves have been completely removed. The grapes themselves are healthy and well-aired, the skin is firm and strong, and I am not afraid and therefore will take the risk, because I know my vineyards. This year could be a great one for the Nebbiolo, and risks will make all the difference. We are keeping our fingers crossed.