images1Compliments to the Tuscans, in addition to knowing how to make great wine (although it goes without saying certainly not like our vinedressers here in Langa…), are also dedicated to important research on the precious nectar of Bacchus.

In fact, a short while ago I read an article about a study conducted at the University of Florence, according to which red wine switches on female passion.

The research does not refer to inebriating alcohol fumes, which also have an effect on males, but to an actual aphrodisiac effect that red wine has on the fair sex.

Coordinated by Nicola Mondaini, the research will soon be the subject of a book called Vino ed Eros [Wine and Eros], and affirms that “One or more glasses of red wine per day are associated with better health and a higher degree of sexual pleasure.”

The text continues, affirming that: “wine has an impact on female sexual functions, improving response and pleasure.”

The reason for this is not very clear, although the researchers suspect that it can be attributed to chemical compounds present in red wine that increase the influx of blood in key areas of the organism. Without a doubt the work of the university researcher is less boring than one might have thought.

I hope therefore that as many women as possible read my post and that tonight they will uncork a good bottle of red wine with their partners. I await your comments…

Speaking of which, Enrico, I urge you to test your own wines, in order to understand which of your reds best achieve this result. When you have discovered the answer, I would be grateful if you would send me a case!