A year ago in Dubai


The polar frost of recent days makes me envy the early December of one year ago: last year, in just this period I was in Dubai where it was 30°C! I was in the United Arab Emirates for the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the extremely luxurious Burj Al Arab di Dubai, one of the few seven star hotels in the world. The tasting on the first day was organized by the Al Mahara restaurant, distinctive for a gigantic aquarium in the centre of the locale. The sensation of explaining my Barolo wine to the various tables, under the threatening gaze of the dear little sharks was unique and unusual, to say the least.… The next evening the tasting was held 200 meters in the air, at the suggestive Al Muntaha restaurant. The protagonists were the Barbera Lirano Soprano 2007, the Barolo Leon 2005 and Swiss products from Tenuta Mont’Albano.


The atmosphere in Dubai is without parallel. The city was built in the desert and seems to be a fairy-tale, a kind of Gardaland for grown-ups. The locales are perfect, the environments extremely clean and the people very polite. The splendour and luxury of the city were intoxicating, but once returned home, one becomes aware, however, that this spasmodic search for excess is make-believe. The money that is spent on uselessness is beyond belief, a sense of shame and irritation prevail over the excitement of having sold in a market as difficult and prestigious as Dubai.