Mama’s Tagliatelle


Tagliatelle are today’s protagonists: They were the stars at a pre-holiday lunch in honour of the sixty-fifth birthday of mama Paola. Rigorously made by hand, they were accompanied by an exquisite meat sauce that is typical of the Langhe.

Knowing that the birthday girl is a lover of the Barbera grape, I specifically wanted to choose the Barbera d’Alba Zio Nando 2008, which matched wonderfully with this typical first-course dish from the Piedmont tradition.


It is true that one’s mom is always one’s mom, but the tagliatelle that mine makes are simply fabulous. And I ask myself, why is it that there is not a single restaurant in all the world that cooks like mom does? Is it a question of economics or is it that I am too biased? Perhaps I should convince my mom to open a restaurant? No, I must say no, I am too jealous; I want mama’s tagliatelle all for myself!

Thank you and all best wishes Mom!!