60 month Parmigiano Reggiano, what would you suggest?


While the grapevines are being washed by an intense rain and the wine is resting in the warmth of the wine-making cellar, the Christmas holidays have begun and, as always, food is the real protagonist at our table. Over the next days I will show you some of the delicious dishes that my mom makes at this time of year, but before that, I have a question that absolutely must be resolved. My friend Enzino Vavuso, who is truly passionate about wine and food, presented me with the opportunity to purchase a piece of sixty-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano from the Azienda Biologica Montagnana of Parma. For me this will be the first time trying such an aged Parmigiano, and I decided to enjoy this experience on Christmas day. I am undecided about the wine-pairing. Do you imagine a structured and potent Barbera such as a Lirano Soprano or a refined and elegant, tannic Barolo such as a Riserva 2004? What would you have chosen?

Let me take this occasion to wish you all a happy and tranquil holiday season.