A day in times gone by


Christmas musings from my dad, Sergio:

After two days of Christmas holiday festivities, I find myself alone, in the company of a cat and a dog, in my fields which are lightly covered with frost and fresh snow. Peace reigns supreme over the dormant vineyards, transmitting the same sensation of tranquillity and joy to my very soul. It is natural that, in front of a panorama exalted by a splendid sun, my thoughts slip to memories of my childhood. In the years 1955, 1956 and 1957, the undersigned Sergio, father of Enrico, wore wool sweaters made by hand with the knitting needles of grandma Margherita, knickerbockers and skier’s boots. My father, Ercole, would accompany me to the same vineyards where I find myself today. His simple, clear, earnest words seemed useless and boring to me. Today they resound like great teachings, great words of wisdom to express and transmit to future generations. Thank you, dad. All of these and other thoughts quickly devour two hours of time; dusk arrives and announces the evening. The final thought goes to my mom, who always helped, sustained and encouraged me in the study of agriculture, the vine and  winemaking, knowing that our family was destined to have a long history as wine producers, with a beginning in the distant past in 1902 and wanting it to continue for as long as possible.

Sergio Rivetto