Happy New Year 2011 to everyone!


I would like to wish all of you a splendid and prosperous 2011, with special good cheer for the owners of small and mid-size Italian businesses. They are the motor of Italy, those who do not rest on Saturday and Sunday, those who struggle daily against bureaucracy, those who suffer at every crisis and yet always lift themselves back up, those to whom promises are always made yet never maintained, those who often and voluntarily pay for everyone.

I will close 2010 with a few words with which I am in full agreement, spoken by a true politician from Piedmont, Luigi Einaudi.

…Thousands, millions of individuals work, produce and save despite all that we can think up to harass them, hold them back, and dampen their spirits.

And the natural vocation that drives them on is not usually the thirst for money.

But rather the taste, the pride of seeing their own company prosper, acquire credit, inspire trust in an ever-greater client base, enlarge its workplaces and beautify its offices, constructing a mechanism of progress as powerful as earnings themselves.

If it were not so, one could not explain the existence of business people who expend all of their energy and invest all of their capital for gains that are far and away more modest than those which they could most certainly and easily obtain by other means.

Happy New Year to everyone!