A dream for Piedmont in 2011

imagesIn an article published 24 December 2010 in La Stampa, the intelligent and ironic journalist Massimo Gramellini observed that Italy is stalled and the political situation has reached a low point. We need to react, even with strong and unpopular decisions, invoking a moral tsunami, rewarding those who set a good example, who give the population the desire to dream again.

To dream, what a beautiful thing it is. I am also trying to do it, and so I will tell you what I dreamed last night:

A wine label bearing from top to bottom the words GREAT WINES OF PIEDMONT, followed immediately by SERRALUNGA D’ALBA, and below that BAROLO accompanied by the name of the additional mention or of the vineyard and finally the name of the producer. I see another label with the writing PIEDMONT, NOVARA HILLS, GHEMME, and still another PIEDMONT, MONFERRATO, BARBERA D’ASTI, and then another simply PIEDMONT RED. With neither DOC nor DOCG, without the bureaucracy of bandages. A triumph of TERROIR. All guaranteed by a regional organization for control and promotion that is run by a determined, strong and apolitical manager whose principle objective is the protection of our brands in the world, who exercises democratic promotion of the territory, who has the power and capacity to create a common commercial strategy forging agreement between the great bottlers and the small farmers. Where the Piedmont DOC is used as a relief valve in difficult moments, giving big industry a name with commercial impact, valuing niche wines, regulating production according to the market, always keeping the prices high.  I am dreaming of a common fund to help destitute and abandoned areas like Asti or Alessandria, implementing tourism. I am dreaming of common political incentives for research into producing with reduced pollution.  A surreal Piedmont, where the organization of control is one, where the law is one, without leaving space for interpretations and consequential fines, which the organization in charge supports and explains and those who fail to do their duty are severely punished. But I wake up soon from this dream, too soon, and find myself as I do every day, fighting against bureaucracy and getting angry about continuous waste.

I would initiate 2011 by concluding, making you participants in the final section of Gramellini’s article, which I support and makes one reflect:

Every once in a while it is necessary to remember that we are made from mud but also from stars, that we are citizens and not subjects, that life depends in great measure on our personal choices and not on those of politics, that every I is part of a We and that the We is not only our family but the many communities to which we belong. That if a thing is public it belongs to everyone and not to no one. And that for every door that closes there is always a window that is opening somewhere else. At times it is enough to stop crying and dry our eyes in order to see.