What a pear!


This post will deceive you, boys, as I am not talking about the pears that you are thinking of, but of the trees that you see in the photo below. They are pear trees, and of the fruit fallen to the ground, half is rotten, a quarter is spotty and the remainder is simply fabulous. They are the best pears I have tasted in my entire life. My dad has always called them “lady thighs” for their particular shape. They are completely organic, they have never been treated, and in fact in difficult years they do not bear fruit at all. The taste is wholly unique. Intense, concentrated, juicy and lightly tannic. It is necessary to warm them up a bit, since we gathered them on 6 January when it was +2 °C.


My grandfather always said that in the Lirano territory, all of the fruit is like Barolo.  Our terrain is rich in lime and potassium, which enhance the organoleptic properties of all of the fruit trees, not just the grapevines. Unfortunately there are not very many of them, but believe me when I say, these pears are the real thing….