Clint Eastwood chooses Rivetto

It made me very happy that one of the greatest actors and directors in the history of film, Clint Eastwood, chose Rivetto wine for one of the scenes in his latest film, Hereafter.

The scene takes place in an Italian cooking school, where one of the students is the sensitive George Lonegan, played by the actor Matt Damon. The instructor/chef, of clear Italian origins, begins the lesson with these words:

In aerobics class one warms up with stretching, we warm ourselves up with a nice glass of Barbaresco, a fantastic wine from Piedmont in the north of Italy, made with the Nebbiolo grape. Drink up, have courage! Cheers!

At this moment, my thoughts go to my grandfather, Ercole, who always loved both Eastwood’s westerns and Barbaresco. It was in the very town of Barbaresco that he established himself for some time during the second world war to make wine from the Nebbiolo grapes of wineries temporarily closed due to the conflict.

It is always a pleasure to hear nice things about Piedmont in Hollywood movies, especially when it is done in a genuine and disinterested way, as it was in Hereafter.

Have you seen the movie? Tell me what you thought!