The incredible voyage of my barrique…


Nuccia Faccenda is a travel blogger friend of mine and  co-owner of the travel agency Isalei Giramondo; in her blog she writes about interesting things that are very useful for those who are about to travel or those who want to see the world through her experiences. This post is dedicated to Nuccia, since I do not think that in her years of experience in the tourist sector she has ever seen what I am about to show you. In airports one often sees people and things that are very strange, things of all sorts board planes on a daily basis, but what I am about to show you is decidedly extravagant.  My crazy Turkish friend Huzeyn decided to transport a 225 litre barrel, containing Barbera d’Alba Zio Nando that has aged for five years, to Istanbul. And here are the photos of his incredible voyage.

If anyone would like to bring this bulky souvenir home, you know that it can be done. Make sure, however, that the barrel is empty!