Brazilian Futebol and Langa Wine…

It is really a truism that football and wine are the two passions that tie Italy and Brazil. The first link has a historical nature while the second has more recent origins for the Brazilians, but they  both engross and move us in the same way.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting lunch for my friend and wine journalist Alexandre Bronzatto of the magazine Gosto, and the owner of five restaurants in São Paulo and Rio, Mr André Lima. Both are from São Paulo but with a major difference: one roots for the Corinthias and the other for the Santos.

While we drank Barbera Zio Nando 2008 and Barbera Lirano Soprano 2007 with the splendid oven-baked pasta prepared for us by my mom, Paola, our conversation ranged from the phenological phases of the Nebbiolo grape to the Coppa Libertadores and from the politics of the Brazilian politician Lula to the beaches of Santa Caterina. We talked about  everything under the sun. Convivial and friendly but also knowledgeable and instructive. Both of my “Carioca” guests are passionate about Piedmont and are highly knowledgeable about the Langhe. It was an absolute pleasure to show them, for the first time, our wine cellars and our wines. We concluded with a magnificent Barolo Riserva 2004 that began only now to express the characteristics of a classic vintage aged over the long term.

André and Alexandre, thank you for coming and I hope that on the road home you will have a bit of “Saudade”, but this time from Piedmont!