Energy from Vine Clippings our investments in the eco-sustainability of our business, the goal is to reach energy independence in the shortest time possible. From 2003 our wine producing cellar and offices have been thermo-conditioned with a heat pump supplied with electric energy; despite everyone’s early scepticism, we kept going in that direction. Today, to talk about this kind of heating/cooling system is more common, and I would say that it is in fact the only possible direction for the future. Two years ago our set up was improved with solar panels and 2011 will be the year of fine-tuning biomass energy production; more specifically, using the clippings from the vines and our clean-up of the woods. This project is partially financed by the European Union and was conceived by the Turin Polytechnic in collaboration with the Piedmont Services Centre and Boasso, an agricultural machinery manufacturer. In the 24 January 2010 Corriere Vinicolo (a wine culture newspaper) this practice, which will need to become fundamental for all Italian agricultural businesses, was discussed at length. It has to do with building a machine that can gather and package the residue of the vine pruning, breaking it up to be unloaded it into silos and later burned to produce electric energy. The positive aspects, other than savings and reduced pollution, are the incentive to keep better control over forest vegetation and avoidance of stirring up fungal diseases from vine clippings cut up on the terrain.

I will keep you updated on the tests and projects of this important experiment, which is launching us towards the only possible future, a GREEN one.