Trip itinerary: Florida, Quebec, Colorado

Thirty above, twenty below…a considerable excursion as you can perhaps imagine. From sunny Miami to chilly Montreal and Denver in just ten days. And against sticky heat, against ice and gusts of freezing wind, there was a single ally for all: the 2006 Barolo Serralunga. It was a pleasant surprise that I wouldn’t have expected, especially from a city like Miami where I was ready to offer wines perhaps more suited to its climate.

Let’s take a step back:

MIAMI, 1-4 February – Nicolò Tita, our importer since July 2010, Brescia “DOC”, has established himself in the best places in the city in less than two years, thanks to a determination that does not leave room for the distractions offered by the city…luckily I was only there for three days.

MONTREAL, 4-6 February – Remi Charest of “Insolite Importation”, yesterday a journalist, today an importer, explained the whole history of Quebec to me, starting with New France up to the present, over the course of our ride from the hotel to the Pullman restaurant, allowing me to arrive fully prepared for my meeting with local journalists. A truly extraordinary person, in fact, an uncommon one, as in “Insolite [Uncommon] Importation”.

DENVER, 6-9 February – Charles Lazzara is a force to be reckoned with! In just a few years he has distributed our product EVERYWHERE, and in just a few minutes he was able to pull together the wreck I had become by the end of my tour, showing me the results of his work. Rivetto is in Colorado: Fact. Even at the John Elwaysrestaurant inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

It was an intense trip, and to be repeated…but after a little while, perhaps to celebrate my birthday again across the Atlantic. 42 years and my first Post!