BAROLO LEON 2006: To age is beautiful

It was a long wait but finally, here it is: the Barolo Leon 2006, which rested in the wine cellar for one year longer than the canonical three. It was worth the wait for those of us who shaped it, since we were imagining the result: a wine ready to meet the expectations of the most demanding. One extra year signifies a great sacrifice for the business but also a great respect for the wine, a respect that begins in the vineyards, with the careful selection that precedes the grape harvest – a good three rounds in the 45 days before the harvest. And of those who will encounter it and appreciate its refinement – 2006 is a reserve year – and strong tannins, from the marked characteristics of strength and concentration.  The ageing of this wine began in French 225 litre barrels and then passed to Slovenian 30 hectolitre oak barrels, where it rested for 36 months before being bottled and then let rest for the next 14.

From there to the glass it could take just a moment (you decide!): just the time necessary to let it breath and then…it is your turn to comment on this distinctive wine!