Barbaresco in high resolution: Hereafter and Rivetto

We have found a few high resolution frames of the scene of the film Hereafter in which the Rivetto Barbaresco is display, which we are sharing with you here, just long enough to show off the bottle without coming into conflict with copyright laws. Clint Eastwood uses a wine metaphor in order to make us empathize with one of the three protagonists: the Barbaresco creates conviviality, it melts the ice, and it creates a pleasant and almost complicit atmosphere among the strangers taking part in the cooking class. It is not served with food: it is a magical element that has a precise role.

Nominated for an Oscar in the “visual effects” category and then ignored the night of the awards, Hereafter is receiving gratitude rather than recognition and by an entire denomination of origin instead of the Academy Awards. It was not the result of product placement, nor an initiative of the Film Commission of Turin. There were no agreements between the Region of Piedmont and the Hollywood production houses. The reason our bottle of wine found its way to the set remains a mystery. And so it will remain until they tell us. What is certain in that someone in Hollywood “likes our red!