B&B: fresh new colours for your holidays


I live where others choose to spend their vacations, to enjoy life. Sometime I forget this, because daily life distracts me, but then I see a foreign license plate, hear a different accent, glimpse a bilingual sign … little details that remind me that I am lucky. This time the detail is a newly-painted wall: the rooms of the Rivetto B&B were just renovated and are now ready to welcome the tourists who will visit our hills to enjoy exceptional wines, good food, visits to monuments … or simply relaxation, happy to look out the window at the Castle of Serralunga and the company’s Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nascetta vines.


I took a few pictures of the new colours of the rooms to counter the grey weather forecasted for the weekend: an intense blue matched with yellow ochre plunged me into full summer; dark brown with ivory evoked the shades of the soil and a strong wine red reminded me that I find myself smack dab in the centre of the land of great wines.



Wines that here take the names of the people who created them, the same names you will find on the doors of the rooms: Zio Nando, Ercolino, Giulin….