Alba is in mourning

On Wednesday, 27 April, a funeral was held for Pietro Ferrero, owner of the confectionary empire of the same name, struck down by a heart attack at only 48 years old. Alba is in mourning and the city gathered around the Cathedral of San Lorenzo to demonstrate the love that this town feels for the Ferrero family. As my grandmother, more than ninety years old, says: neither wine, nor the truffle made Alba rich; Ferrero did.

An example showing that even industrialists can be human and that the relation between employers and employees is not always one of hate and mercenariness, but can be of affection and appreciation.

Businessmen and politicians from all over the world, who will be in Alba for the funeral, take note of the people all around you, look them in the eye one by one and for once, reflect.

Rest in peace, Amen.