Bottling the Dolcetto d’Alba Ercolino 2010

I am always anxious during the first Dolcetto bottling of the year, in fact this wine came into being just eight months ago and by now its delicate characteristics are noted. The Ercolino does not undergo cold tartaric stabilization, and so it preserves the fruity characteristics of the grape variety to the highest degree. 2010 provided us with a very intense and pleasingly mellow Dolcetto. Careful selection in the vineyard in late July and early August was fundamental to this result, permitting us to reach mid-September with mature and healthy grapes, of spite of frequent summer rains.

The qualitative contribution of the vineyard planted by Grandpa Ercole in 1944 is also significant, representing 25% of the production and characterized by grapes that mature a few days earlier than the rest and so have a better concentration.

Try it yourselves and savour its freshness, drink it at meals, every day – I am certain you will not tire of it!