Nebbiolo Prima – day one

Federico Ceretto, Enrico Rivetto and the Barolo Leon 2001

What an intense day. After a morning dedicated to blind Roero and Barbaresco tastings, the journalists and buyers hosted by Albeisa dedicated themselves to Barolo in the “2001 Retrospective” set up at Pala Miroglio in Alba. It was a beautiful sight to see: producers set up at tables ready to serve their own wines and, why not, taste those of their neighbours.

Luca Cravanzola, Barbaresco producer, and Enrico Rivetto

The Barolo Leon 2001 was the spokesperson for the characteristics of an exceptional vintage: potency and refinement united. After ten years we are only at the beginning: we set a product into motion that its just now beginning to express its best, but which will certainly have much more to say in the next few years, with a solid margin of improvement that will carry it to its apex in 5 years.

The typical day at Nebbiolo Prima closes with the third round of tasting, the evening round (to be sure some diehards will also do a fourth round, at night…!). Divisions were made into various zones: Roero, Barolo, Barbaresco. Like us. At the Luna nel pozzo di Neive we met still more journalists and buyers. Here the tone softened, tension dropped, and laughter increased: wine was still the protagonist and the professional bias of the tasters constrained them to analyse every sip, always, but the atmosphere was different.

Our Langhe Bianco 2009, with a Nascetta base (which starting next year will be Nascetta DOC 2010) was paired with a delicate asparagus trio, while the Barbera d’Alba Lirano Soprano 2007, potent and fruity, made a mark between the first course, tortelloni di burrata, with Sicilian cherry tomatoes and basil pesto, and the second course, a portion of Mediterranean baccalà. Before dessert: the Barolo Leon 2006, and for the moment of meditation prior to returning to the hotel: the Barolo Riserva 2004. If you multiply the number of our wines by the number of producers present you will get the number of wines tasted over the course of the evening: lots! It is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it….

Cheers with Langhe Nascetta, Ola Dybvick and Marina Alaimo