Barolo Vertical Tasting – Live, Taste, Love (Part One – Live)

Helmut Knall, Subhash Arora, Enrico Rivetto, Monica Larner

For Julia Roberts in her recent film they were “Eat, Pray, Love”.

Three words are sometimes enough to describe a philosophy of life, as in this case, or as in ours, an event and its contents. After the Barolo vertical tasting from 2001 to 1958, organized in our wine cellar and part of “Afternoons of Nebbiolo First”, the words “Live, Taste, Love” came to my mind.

Live like the comments of the journalists and buyers hosted by Albeisa who participated in the vertical tasting, an experience not to be missed, a bit for curiosity, a bit for learning, since the learning really never ends. Especially from a Barolo that has something to say.

Live like Sergio’s memories and anecdotes, who made the vintages spring to life through his stories.

Live because all of the wines being presented are still with us, and some in full form.

2001 a truly great year, the third in a row! Big tannins, big structure, excellent acidity, good sugar gradation destined for extraordinary ageing. Classic. We opened it on the spot. It was decanted directly into the glass and immediately sprang to life.

1990 the first anomalous heat of early September, with a fresh and airy finish. It was the first sign that the climate is changing. And for the vineyards of Serralunga d’Alba, it is probably a positive change, according to Enrico. An early harvest and limited production generated an exceptional vintage, with smooth tannins that permitted readiness united with complexity, elegance and fullness.

1982 a spectacular autumn, airy and dry, an exceptional vintage, characterized by a large late-October harvest that translated into a rich, structured wine that provides a full range of aromas. It was the year of DOCG, as well as that of the world championships.

1971 marked by scant rain in September, a difficult flowering and limited production, nevertheless aged well thanks to its structure. Rich, full, and above all, elegant. This, as were the preceding two that the last, was celebrated: uncorked a few hours before the tasting, cork in perfect condition.

Journalists and buyers at Nebbiolo Prima 2011

1964 an exceptional year, following up two difficult ones. The early-November harvest generated a powerful, long-lived, complex but also balance wine, with an extraordinarily rich bouquet. If speaking of a person one would define him as a “Great Sage”. Bottle opened then and there: expectations met!

1958 a harvest characterized by reduced quantity, small bunches and highly concentrated grapes. In the bottle it revealed extraordinary richness.

Taste. Love. In the next stages, after having let “decant”, pass me the expression, this first part.