Barolo Vertical Tasting – Live, Taste, Love (Part Two – Taste)

Taste. Images from the first three rounds of the Bartolo vertical tasting from 2001 to 1958.

The journalists and buyers participating in Nebbiolo Prima were commenting on the vintages together with Sergio and Enrico,  but the real protagonists were the wines.

Helmut Knall, Monica Larner and Subhash Arora were tasters in the first round.

Ola Dybvick, Gianluca Mazzella, Fabio Cagnetti, Christian Wenger, Otmar Kiem, Martin Kilchmann, Gerhard Eichelmann, Edoardo Patrone, Pierluigi Gorgoni, Tim Felkner, Davide Oltolini, Brad Vanderpool and Robbin Gheesling were tasters in the second round.

Diego Sorba, Alberto Rizzo and Andrea Terraneo were tasters in the third round.

Open dialogue between Sergio and Enrico, two family generations, and the journalists and buyers created an intense experience all about Barolo, stories, the art of winemaking and a unique tasting that covered more than 50 years of life on the Langhe hills through 6 vintages.