Barolo Vertical Tasting – Live, Taste, Love (Part Three – Love)

Love. Because if something is the fruit of an act of love, there is a difference. It’s perceptible and does not pass unobserved.

An almost instinctive act, that of putting something aside that is close to being finished, that is becoming scarce, but that one cares about, becomes a far-sighted and generous act.

The bottles that were uncorked for the Barolo Vertical Tasting were all of this and much more. Throughout the tasting these bottles told the story of a family, of a territory, of fifty years of farm economy and commercial dynamics that, even if no longer in practice, are rooted in our DNA. They told of how the Nebbiolo grape can express itself and evolve in the bottle, they highlighted the differences in vinification and the passage, slow and patient, to a wine of terroir like contemporary Rivetto Barolo. Today in fact the Barolo of the Municipality of Serralunga d’Alba is a wine that fully represents the microclimatic and geological characteristics of the Serralunga zone, and soon the range will be expanded with a new vineyard, but that is a story for another day.

Live, taste, love. An excellent motto for wine, to also be applied elsewhere.

Sergio Rivetto and the Barolo for the vertical tasting