Harvest 2008 – first impressions

«I’m very satisfied – said Sergio Molino, oenologist consultant for Rivetto dal 1902 – this harvest it’s been a return to the past, as in the accounts told by the old. A difficult, demanding and wearing harvest, especially in the begin of the season, when cold and rain created a lot of pessimism. A long and slow harvest as well, that let you think, tasting and re-tasting the grapes many times. Who has been courageous enough to wait (actually not many) took in the vats sound, ripe, fresh and rich in aroma and color grapes. Waiting for grape maturation, regardless of weather forecasts, often wrong, is the first suggestion I give to the wineries. Nebbiolo is the grape for 2008, being able of storing sugar, aromas and color despite the cold. I foresee an aromatic range that could be close to the greatest grand crus from Burgundy, with deep and not dry tannins and a long, aromatic aftertaste. Great vintage.»