Enough Instability!

http://blog.rivetto.it/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/IMG00360-20110613-1741-300x225.jpgA few weeks ago we were thinking it would be another scorching harvest, with precocious maturation and changing the harvest schedule to an earlier date, since the Nebbiolo flowering started on 24 May. But in agriculture anything is possible and predictions can be drastically changed in the span of a few short days.


We are in fact starting the third week of instable weather, with daily rain, sometimes torrential, and no respite. Our clayey land is saturated with water, complicating entry in the vineyards with the tractors and the consequential difficulty applied treatments against potential fungal infestations. Moreover we are behind with the topping, leaf-stripping, suckering and grass-cutting.


The period around the middle of June has always been the time during which a great deal of agricultural activity is concentrated, due to the sudden growth of the vines: the weather conditions this spring are not helping us any.


On a positive note, the flowering completed successfully and the formation of the bunches is normal. This week the sun should make itself seen more regularly, if timidly. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for another great year!