Walking through the vineyards: everything is OK for now


Lazzarito vineyard planted 1 month ago

I just returned from a brief trip abroad and, as you will have by now understood, as soon as I get back from a trip it is my habit to make the rounds walking through all of the Rivetto vineyards to check on their development.  Everything seems normal to me: in spite of the abundant rain of the last few weeks, there are no fungal infestations, the system of foliage is visibly healthy and the new vines have taken root well. The following photos show, however, that we are running a little late in some of the vineyards, in terms of the work of lopping, suckering and cutting. Our two New Holland caterpillar tractors are already at work and we think they will finish soon.


San Bernardo vineyard in Serralunga d'Alba


New Barbera Zio Nando vineyard


Nebbiolo grapes in Briccolina area, Serralunga d'Alba


We have also just finished uprooting an old Dolcetto vineyard that will be replanted next year with Nascetta, the rare white grape variety native to Langa.