This was Zio Nando and intemperance, absolute madness, tremendous untapped intelligence  He didn’t work much, lived off his brother, recited the Divine Comedy from memory and was drawn to fascism. A great sense of smell and great knowledge of wines, but totally mentally unstable. He passed from moments of depression and sadness to phases of exhaltation, taking the women who were with him into his arms and making them dance for hours. He went to Padre Pio and wanted to animatedly discuss his doubts about miracles with the saint: he was brutally sent out of the church by Padre Pio himself. From when we were little my mother prayed that neither I nor my brother would inherit any of Zio* Nando’s genes…I don’t know if any genes have remained, but he was certainly not boring. Now Zio Nando is a wine, a potent and smooth Barbera. It is my hope that it can be better understood, unlike the real Zio Nando.