This year it is starting early: the first Dolcetti are darkening first Dolcetti are darkening, which is to say that they are about to change colour from green to blue/purple or, in the case of white grapes, from green to yellow. It is the sign that the plant is beginning to change its approach, no longer concentrating only on the vegetative vigour, but also on the fruit that it bears.

By now there are no doubts, the fact that the darkening is beginning on July 15 inevitably makes one think of an early harvest, by at least ten days/two weeks…will it be another 1997 or 2000? We shall see. The early trend has even been confirmed in Monferrato – take a look at the blog of my friend Gianluca Morino.

These harvests are worrying to me, because there is a risk of the overripening of the fruit but not necessarily a regular ripening.

I will keep you updated!