A Wine of Three Souls: Langhe Nascetta

Producing Nebbiolo, making wine out of Barbera, selecting Dolcetto: it is all without question a great privilege and I will not deny that seeing the efforts of years of work in the glass provides tremendous satisfaction. It is a special feeling, however, to face a new wine, a wine that one knows little about but that we believe in a lot: Langhe Nascetta 2010.


Defining Nascetta is no simple task, as I believe that the true soul of this wine has yet to be seen. To simplify the matter, I will borrow the words used by the wine consultant Sergio Molino in the video for this post: the Rivetto Nascetta is a wine that joins together three categories, which is to say the aromatic nature of Sauvignon, the evolved notes of Moscato and the herbaceous character of Riesling.


The Nascetta grape in mid-July 2011

Historic texts from the Cavour epoch (Fantini) liken this noble German vine to the Langa Nascetta.


The fact that it is the only white vine native to Langa fills me with pride, it inspires me to take on the challenge of making it known and we rejoice in being able to offer a white wine interpretation of the Langa terroir. This week it will go into the bottles and will soon be put on the market. Production is very limited, just 3700 pieces of 0.75l. I invite you to taste it, drink it and help me to discover its hidden identity. Let me know your impressions!