Lirano: Wonderful Langa Terrain

What is the Lirano? It is simply a wonderful land, a fabulous hill that gives tourists and locals the daily gift of a splendid 360 degree view.

Rivetto, Lirano.

From Lirano

It is found between the municipalities of Sinio and Serralunga d’Alba, situated 400 meters above sea level, a position from which to enjoy a splendid view of the castle of Serralunga, glimpsing Grinzane Cavour, Diano d’Alba to the north, Montelupo Albese, Albaretto Torre to the south and La Morra to the west.

My grandfather Ercole bought and resold many Langa businesses, but when he acquired the Lirano farm in 1939, he was fascinated by it, sustaining that the aromas given by the calcareous terrain to wine were unique in all of Langa.

Both before and after the war, the Lirano area has always been a trait d’union of three towns, Serralunga d’Alba, Sinio and Roddino, the labourers worked, the women cooked, in the evenings one danced and fell in love. Grain and corn have always been cultivated here, but the fruit trees are what have always given the best of themselves in this territory, yielding highly perfumed peaches, wondrous plums, crunchy apples and, of course, the grapes that produce, still today, truly great wines.

The great wines of Lirano therefore represent the best line of wine that we have, put into burgundy bottles to reinforce the idea of terroir, deriving from single vineyards and from scrupulous selection processes.

I would like to conclude with the words that my grandfather said, on his deathbed, to my father: “Giulin (the Piedmont diminutive of “Sergio”), anyone who thinks even for an instant of selling Lirano, is and will always be an idiot.”