Late-August Harvest Update

Matthew, myself, and the pirate Jack Sparrow :)

We were better off at the beach…the sweltering heat this week is showing no mercy and my habitual walks through the vineyards are getting more and more difficult. My walking companions this time were Matthew Cooper, buyer for Ellis of Richmond, the historic London wine importing company, and his wife, Kathrin.

A bunch of nebbiolo grapes on the Lirano hill

A little bunch of Barbera Lirano Soprano grapes in late August

Let’s recap the season: very hot in late May and rainy throughout June, which inevitably sped up the maturation of the grapes, followed by cooler temperatures in mid-July and early August which then slowed maturation. Now the scorching heat that has reigned for the past week is once again speeding things up. I can confirm that the precocious varieties, such as the Dolcetto, will be about 15 days early, so the harvest could officially start during the first week of September. I think we can confirm the same timeline for the Barbera, whereas for the Nebbiolo we need to wait a bit longer before deciding. The photos here show the state of the grapes in Lirano.

Barbera Zio Nando vineyard, planted in 1944

Bunch of Nascetta grapes