Anomalous Harvest: We are Starting with the Barbera!

Picking Barbera Zio Nando grapes

2011 will be a historic year for my business, because for the first time we are not starting the harvest with the classic, Dolcetto but rather the Barbera. Given the unsettling data from the sugar perspective concerning the precocious and semi-precocious varieties, we decided to start with the Barbera Zio Nando and Lirano Soprano. It would have been too risky to delay the harvesting of these varieties. In fact, given the weather predictions, we would have contributed to an irreversible process of withering and ripening by dehydration. As soon as we finish with the Barbera we will immediately start with the Dolcetto, then the Nascetta and last of all, the Nebbiolo.

A bunch of Dolcetto grapes

It is a strange harvest, unique of its kind, which has seen the grapes dehydrate quickly over the course of three days, following a scorching-hot week at the end of August. I have noted that the phenolic data are excellent, wonderful colour and ideal potential for anthocyanin extraction. I am expecting a wine of high quality, but low quantity.