2011 the same as 2003? Absolutely NOT

In recent days, I have often heard 2011 being compared to 2003, but I think we can only group them together in terms of the date on which harvesting began, which was in both cases late August for the precocious black grapes.

Oddly enough, 2003 was more logical, with a summer that was consistently very hot and dry from start to finish, with Sicilian acidity and high gradations. 2011 is instead characterized by a very hot late May, a very cool and rainy June, a mild July and an August that started out cold and wound to a close with scorching heat. All of which provoked early wilting at the end of August, due to dehydration, leaving a very high sugar residue while the acidity was still very high. We shall see what comes of the grape pressing, but the vintage will certainly be abundantly better than 2003, I have no doubts!