A Blessed Rain

http://blog.rivetto.it/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/IMG_3917-300x225.jpgOver the past few days we have been hearing a lot of different expressions here in Langa: manna from heaven, blessed rain, rain made-to-order, etc…. I would simply put it: this rain is such a relief! After more than a month durung which our land had not seen a drop of water, it finally arrived this weekend.


Let me report a statistic from the Italian meteorological society: summer 2011 was on the whole one of the coolest in the last ten years, with weather that was often unstable and rainy in June and July, but with scorching heat in the second half of August (in Turin, August 2011 was the third hottest since records started being kept in 1753).

For the grape varieties that are still waiting to be harvested, such as the Nebbiolo, this water is fundamental for the continuation of ripening and activation of the intake of elements from the terrain. Right now what we need is “Nebbiolo weather”, which is to say, cooler temperatures, and quality will be guaranteed!