We are Getting Started with the Nebbiolo Tips

http://blog.rivetto.it/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/1-300x225.jpgProject NEBBIOLO TIPS continues. This is in fact the second harvest year in which the points of the Nebbiolo grape bunches have played a starring role. The idea is to obtain a very high level, classic method sparkling wine, 100% Nebbiolo. It is precision harvesting, painstakingly conducted by expert hands and done in such a way as to not cut the part of the bunch that will remain attached to the plant. Why are we harvesting just the tips?


Nebbiolo grapes in the San Bernardo vineyards

Simply put, because they are more acidic and guarantee greater freshness for the sparkling wine base, while the remaining part will be harvested later for Barolo, benefiting from a kind of late dehydration. In addition to myself, participants in this ambitious project, which was the brainchild of the genial wine grower, Sergio Molino, include Reverdito, Boglietti, Cascina Ballarin, Az.Agr. Sergio Molino of La Morra, Travaglini of Gattinara,Conterno Franco of Monforte, Cascina Adelaide of Barolo and La Kiuva of Arnad in Valle d’Aosta.


Nebbiolo grapes after the tips have been cut off


Despite being used to waiting, I must admit that I am impatient to taste it, but we have to wait quite a bit longer: the idea is in fact to allow maturation in the bottle under yeasts for at least 30 months!