Pressing the grapes on 9 September

Nascetta must

Once the tips of the Nebbiolo bunches were harvested, they were carefully placed in the new press “a polmone”, which lightly presses the bunches of grapes to extract the must. This procedure must be done early in the morning to avoid the overheating of the mass of fruit and loss of freshness. The Nascetta grapes were also harvested and pressed on 9 September, but before the pressing they were “cold crushed”, leaving the skins in contact with the must for around 10-11 hours at a temperature between  6-8 °C. The idea is to reduce oxidation to a minimum and conserve the aromas, with the help of refrigerators in addition to dry ice.

Filling the press

For this anomalous year, the Nascetta vineyard’s northern exposure is certainly a big advantage and I am convinced that we will produce a wine with sublime characteristics, in terms of both aroma and ageing capacity.

Nebiolo tips

The only flaw is the limited production, accentuated to an even greater degree due to a qualitatively unfavourable year. Follow us and we will accompany you in the discovery of these two exciting and innovative white wines!