Between one bunch and the next, we are getting the terrain ready for next year

At this time of year, we are all very busy with the harvest and our concentration is focused on the grapes on the vine and controlling the fermentation in the winemaking facility.

The difficulty of this line of work is that we already have to be thinking about next year and the next season. In fact, we have to prepare some land for the Nascetta planting in spring 2012. The plot is contiguous with the current Nascetta vineyard, where there was a Dolcetto vineyard a couple years ago. At the end of last spring we pulled up all of the remaining roots of the explantation of the previous vineyard, an important procedure for detoxifying the terrain.

After a summer tilling of a meter and a half, ploughing that turns the top 40 cm of terrain, mixing the previously distributed manure, we are proceeding with a lighter, superficial tilling.  All of this work has a fundamental aim: to ventilate the terrain without turning the deep layers, altering the structure of the soil. Air and oxygen, revitalizing the terrain, making life easier for the young Barbatelle that will be planted at the start of next spring.

The mental exercise of concentrating on the current harvest while thinking about the next one has always been a challenge and it tires me, but little by little, I am getting used to it. :)